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April '17 Update

Spring, '17 ; Hello everyone ! I hope you all had a wonderful time over the holidays & that this long overdue update finds you in good health .

2016 was definitely a 'more-of-the-same' year for me { 'live' dates / recording sessions / teaching }, but all in a very positive way . "KBMG" { that's Dan King, Dave Brown, yours truly & Wolf Ginandes } continues to take a fair amount of my time & biased as I am , I think we're sounding better for it . We have one residency in Beverly, MA , another 'low-level' one in Gloucester, & those - & other dates - contribute to get us above the level of {just} four good musicians playing together. As someone who cut his teeth being in a band, "KBMG" fulfils that musical need. However, I'm fortunate that I get to play with a lot of other good musicians in New England & further afield too - & it all helps keep me going ! { BTW - If you've got this far, I doubt you need me to point out I list nearly all my 'live' events under the "gigs" page here on this site. }

The January 'NAMM' show in Los Angeles has become a neat way to kick-start my year ; a combination of seeing fellow musicians, music industry associates, checking out the latest equipment & hearing some music is always enjoyable. A bonus in '16 whilst in LA was getting to record with Alex Wright {"2Ton Bridge"} - & stay at his house - which he bought from the late great Shelly Manne , a true drum hero of mine {see pic} .

"Feast of Fiddles" UK April tour - our 23rd year - was a success, & as I'm writing this, we're heading towards completion of a new CD "Sleight of Elbow". The band have all worked hard on it - & we'll have it ready & available for our April outing. I'm particularly happy with this one & extra kudos is due to chum Mike Barry for studio efforts above & beyond.

As well as teaching at Berklee for their 5-week Summer Program , there's been some enjoyable drum clinics too ; my thanks to Dave Dudley in Ottawa & to Jayson Brinkworth in Saskatchewan for being such good hosts. July's Marblehead Arts Festival was once more a super event ; despite the volatile weather, I got to play an enjoyable hour set with singer Cassandre McKinley - just before the heavens opened !

I attended some great concerts last year too ; Chick Corea & his trio , "Field Music" {sensational !}, Matt Wilson - & catching my good chum Andy Fairweather-Low & his terrific band in Maine was yet another highlight.

More 'KBMG' dates & other freelance work await me in '17 , & I'm also happy to tell you I've been invited to be a guest at "Fairport Conventions' " 'Cropredy Festival' in Oxfordshire, England in mid-August. As well as playing some songs with the band on the saturday night { this year is their 50th anniversary }, "Feast of Fiddles" is also on the bill - & on the friday evening, I'll be backing Richard Thompson , alongside current FC chums Dave Pegg & Simon Nicol { with the fab Christine Collister on vocals too } ... it's going to be a good weekend !

Thanks to you all yet again for checking in - I hope I'll see you on a gig soon ! DM.

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