greetings from boston’s north shore  ..  first off , i’d like to offer a heartfelt thank you for checking in here.

as we ALL know, the {virtually} last 2 years or so have had a profound effect on everyone  -  i know of no-one not impacted  -  & i truly hope it hasn’t been too bad for you. 

i don’t wish to dwell on this too much, except to hope you’re still ‘hanging in there‘ & things are improving in your life.


i’m fortunate to report i’ve managed to keep myself reasonably occupied during that time period. 

like many of my peers, i’ve come to grips with the technical necessities to do a certain amount of recording at home  -  but not to record drums, i hasten to add.

there’s been a wee bit of production work { some done at home }- this has included bob franke's "easter cantata" - & over the last six months or so, occasional & always enjoyable recording sessions.  

these have entailed me adding drum set / percussion / keyboards, etc., to different artists’ work in various new england studios  - predominantly working with just the engineer & sometimes the artist too.  needless to say, all parties involved have been extremely cautious with regards to safety.

fyi, these artists have included the boston duo “famous grouse“ & the north carolina based duo jon shain & fj ventre { the “never found a way to tame the blues“ cd }. others include ej ouellette , jon butcher , allen estes , sal baglio & mike barry among many others . i recommend you check those good folks out !  


other recording news ; in  june ’21, i was invited to fly to california to record with an artist who was then new to me  -  mary timony.  the tracks were cut at the “foo fighters” studio in los angeles, the music was excellent & a good time was most assuredly had by all .. look for that release summer of ‘22. mary & her producer joe wong have recently been adding an orchestra { recorded at ‘capitol’ studios in la } to some of the songs -  it’s going to be quite a epic ! { btw ; a big ’thank you ‘ is due here to both yamaha drums & evans drum heads for supplying such a great drum set for those la sessions.}  

in november , i travelled to water gap , pa for a few days to record with the philly-based band "boris garcia" .. tim carbone produced - & again , a thoroughly enjoyable time was had making some splendid music . watch for that cd to be released late summer , i believe . 


as some of you may be aware , the uk-based 11-piece band i’ve been a part of for 25+ years “feast of fiddles“ had it’s '20 & ’21 tours canceled - but we plan to return to touring the uk in april ’22. 

for the very first time, look out for a new rhythm-section only cd { recorded during the lockdown, natch } to be available in the spring ..  the title -  “ no fiddlin’ “! 


my invite to appear as a guest at fairport’s “cropredy“ { in oxfordshire, uk } festival didn’t happen in ’20 nor ’21 { the festival was canceled both years }  -  but it is now looking very positive i'll be there in august ’22.  

all being well , the ‘fc’ “full house“ line-up { richard thompson / simon nicol / dave pegg / chris leslie [’subbing' for dave swarbrick] / yours truly } will get to play all the material from that recording ‘live’ on stage .


there’s also been several interviews. 

i think in part the resason for this is - to paraphrase one of my many drum heroes { mr roy haynes } “ .. if you simply 'hang around' long enough, you apparently enter ‘legendary status’ .. “ !  

for those of you so inclined , these are available on ‘you-tube’  / internet sites various ; john dechristopher , michael vosbein , warren huart , joe wong & anil prasad were the people asking the questions .  there was also a filmed one for the “liner notes legends” series - that was done in marblehead, ma with david christian  -  that will be available by the end of this year .  


as the pandemic gradually recedes { although the memory of the 900k that passed certainly won’t  - & they included some very close friends }, it seems ‘live’ music dates are slowly starting to happen again. to that end , i’ll start posting them on my calendar fairly soon.  

do look for local / new england  -  & beyond  -  dates with “kbmg” , dennis brennan , cassandre mckinley , mike barry , jon sarty's nh-based "cold river radio show"  - as well as the uk-based "feast of fiddles" , among others.   please come out to a gig & say ‘hello’ !

if you’ve got this far , my thanks to you again .. stay safe , & i hope i'll see you soon .   



ps ; picture below - y. truly in the "foo fighters" los angeles studio , june '21 , with mary timony looking on .. " hope he's going to get it right this time .. "  

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