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January '16

January, '16 ; Hello everyone - thanks again for checking into my site. As always, I'm grateful for your interest; if we've not met yet {or for a while}, I hope I'll get to see you this year!

2015 was another good year for yours truly - some highlights included the annual "Feast of Fiddles" UK tour in April; doing a clinic & masterclass at the "Chicago Drum Show" in May; playing the Marblehead Arts Fest' with Mary Ann Redmond in July; teaching Berklee's '5-week' summer course in July / August - & doing a clinic @ Zildjian "HQ" {Norwell, MA} for visiting Berklee students in December. There was also a LOT of 'live' dates in New England & beyond throughout the year with far too many different artists / bands to list here, although getting "Super Genius" {} to emerge from the shadows for a 'one-off' {with special guest Syd Straw} was a particular high point. "KBMG" {} goes from strength to strength - it's another band that I'll always find time for.

Despite most of the population expecting to get its recorded music for free, I'm pleased to report I continue to do recording sessions; it's still a pleasure to get into a good studio with friends & hear the fruits of our labours.

Another plus was being contacted by MPL {McCartney's management} ; "Pipes of Peace" & "Tug of War" were both scheduled for box-set re-releases... would I contribute to the sleeve notes? I was happy to oblige & thought no more of it until a very large box arrived one day containing said re-releases... the picture {which I had completely forgotten Linda taking} - is from the T.O.W. accompanying booklet & is included here for your delectation! Andy Partridge {"XTC"} also contacted me with a similar request - "Nonsuch " came out with a 5.1 'surround-sound' CD & special booklet this year too - there's a fine review here, fyi {} ! Finally, do check out Bill Zildjians' "Drummeradio" show {} - I had the pleasure of picking some personal favourite / influential pieces of music for his show in May - it's a good listen.

The year's low point was losing my very good friend John Jennings. I first met JJ when I toured the U.S. {circa '77} with Joan Armatrading - John was in the band that opened for us in Washington DC. We stayed in touch over the years, & to cut a very long story short, it was through him that I was fortunate enough to get to record & tour with Mary Chapin Carpenter. I probably would not even be writing this from New England if it wasn't for John. I played on many of his solo CD's - & ones he produced for John Gorka, Mary Ann Redmond & many others. He was one of the best musicians & producers I've been lucky to meet over the years & I'm proud to say we were good friends too. RIP John - you'll forever have a place in my heart

This year is starting well... I'm happy to be included in the ['16] Feb' edition of "Modern Drummer Magazine" ... am off to Los Angeles in January for yet another visit to the NAMM show - & there's recording sessions, clinics, gigs, concerts, all in the pipeline... as always, watch this space !

Here's wishing everyone a healthy & enjoyable '16. - DM.

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